June Issue of Fiction Vortex Available as E-book

It’s the end of our second month, and that means that the payment on our interstellar love yacht is overdue. But it also means that the June issue of Fiction Vortex is available to download as an e-book.

In this latest issue, we include all the stories that have appeared on our site in the last month, as well as the writing tips that you saw on the site. If you’ve already blanked out the loving correction provided by our editors, here’s a quick reminder. First, the Bus Test lets you know how to kill off all your characters for fun and profit, and gain stronger characters in the process. And then we have the Sins of Short Story Submissions, which in addition to displaying great alliteration brought you the most important considerations for submitting stories electronically. Heed its warnings, ye writers.

Enough talk, more reading. Here are the links to the June issue, available at the Amazon Kindle Store and on Smashwords in multiple (DRM-free) formats.

Kindle: Fiction Vortex – June 2013

Smashwords: Fiction Vortex – June 2013

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