The Launch of the USS Fiction Vortex (NCC 7328-FV)

Let the celebration begin! Bring forth the speculative fiction that we may feast upon its beauty and floss our teeth with its silky tendons.

That’s right, welcome to the official launch of the good ship Fiction Vortex.

The site has been live for a couple months, but this is the real moment we’ve all been waiting for. Our beloved creation, which has purported to be focused on short fiction for so long, finally has short fiction to display. In fact, we’ve got a long list of great stories we can’t wait to show you.

So here’s what you can expect. Every Tuesday and Friday you can expect a new story. That means you have a couple new stories to look forward to each week, and we can spread the creamy wordsicle goodness out through the month. To get the ball rolling, we’re starting off with two incredible tales, and it’s onwards-and-upwards from here on out.

We also have book reviews coming out at steady (but as yet undetermined) intervals. And you can keep up with news about your favorite fiction site under the news tab. We also plan to post helpful tips and articles there, to help you in your writerly pursuits.

As if things couldn’t get any better, you also get to participate in deciding the winner of monthly contests. The editorial staff will pick the top three stories of each month, with the winners receiving a cash prize. But then we open things up to the audience to pick a Reader’s Choice winner. We’ll put up a poll at the end of each month for you to vote for your favorite, and the winner gets more money. Go ahead, have your grandma vote, and your cousins, and your boss’s nephew.

But most of all, enjoy the stories. We’re doing this solely and specifically for the love of good fiction, and we want you to love it as much as we do. We’re an all-volunteer crew on the USS Fiction Vortex, and we’re here to serve the reader. We hope you enjoy the ride.

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