Fiction Vortex Inducted into Secret Government Fiction Registry Sites … Possibly

Actually, the sites aren’t run by the government, and they don’t particularly care about government fiction (how dour!). But our sources have told us that Fiction Vortex is officially being watched by higher authorities. That’s right, we are now listed on Duotrope and the Submissions Grinder.

Sites like these are a fantastic resource for writers. You can track your submissions and keep a record of all the places and pieces you’ve submitted. Forget the old wall spike on which you impale your rejection letters as a stark reminder of your writerly pain. Instead, you have an indelible table of cold, heartless data with which to commemorate your painful trek towards publication.

More importantly, your submission stats about rejections and submissions are aggregated (anonymously) to give a relatively accurate picture of short story publishers (both online and print). So you can research places to submit your stories based on their preferred genres and response times. Give it a try.

Duotrope currently charges a relatively small subscription fee, and The Grinder offers similar features for free. Regardless of which service you use, be sure to track your submissions to Fiction Vortex. We strive diligently to respond to submissions within two weeks, so we’d like to have accurate data about our submissions and response time on sites like this. As a bonus to our loyal readers and writers, if we can get the average response time on Duotrope or the Grinder to 14 days, we promise to lower the promised response time to 1 week, 6 days, 23 hours, and 30 minutes! Everybody wins!

So what are you waiting for? Use those gnarled typing fingers to mouse on over to our pages on Duotrope and the Submissions Grinder. Track that thing!

Listed at Duotrope



The Submissions Grinder

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