Best of 2013 – Miye’s In

It’s hard to create a new fantasy world without needing to put in long descriptions and explanations to hold it all together (GRRM, we’re looking at you). One of the reasons that we picked Miye’s In as one of the best stories of 2013 is because the author, Joanna Maciejewska, manages to weave a new world with strange concepts, creatures, and even language into the story without needing to explain anything.

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Art by David Revoy/ Blender Foundation

Miye’s In

By Joanna Maciejewska

I remember it clearly: it was three days after we saw the first oskrin, and two days before we hastily finished raising the temporary fencing around the settlement when Miye first complained about being sick. Funny how such unimportant details stick in the mind even after years have passed. She was thin and rather short for her age with brownish, always tangled hair resembling an impassable thicket. The only beautiful accent in her triangular face were her big eyes, a shade darker than her hair, always wide open and watching intently, maybe a bit too intently, as if she wanted others to look away. She might have seemed a bit odd, but she was always the picture of health.

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