We love pretty things. We’ve grown past the “ooh, it’s shiny!” stage and on to the “Whoa, it’s a totally awesome depiction of a space battle between Viking monkeys flying attack pickles in delta formation!” phase of our lives. What we mean to say is that good art enhances a story, and art about speculative fiction is generally rated in giga-awesomes instead of the more standard kilo-awesomes we use to rate things like delicious Chinese food or court-side tickets to a sportsball match where William Shatner sings the national anthem.

So send us your art already!

It doesn’t necessarily have to match one of the stories, although that would register at least 5 giga-awesomes. It does need to follow our community guidelines which can be found here. We are looking for cover art at the moment, but we will need internal pencil art and collector card art in the future.

Send a sample image (preferably JPEG or PNG format; if you even think of sending us a TIFF, so help us, we will find you and make you hurt) of your work to [email protected] with the subject line “Art Submission” and include a short bio about yourself. Links to your portfolio are acceptable.