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Click HERE for the guidelines on submitting to Fiction Vortex.

NOTE: Magazine/Anthology submissions are seasonal. Each issue has a different emphasis. Our serial fiction storyworlds (STORYVERSES) publish content on a weekly basis all year long. Submissions toward one of our storyworld serials are always open.

Who We Are

Fiction Vortex Magazine focuses on publishing speculative fiction. That means science fiction, fantasy and psychological horror (not gore hor), be it light, heavy, deep, flighty, spaceflighty, epic, or mundane. But mundane in a my-local-gas-station-has-elf-mechanics-but-it’s-not-really-a-big-deal-around-here kind of way. Got it?


The Submissions We Want

We accept short stories, art, and books for review. Please see the specific guidelines for each. Remember that submitting a story without reading the submission guidelines first automatically qualifies you for one of the levels of Hell. Which one, you ask? You spin a wheel to find out. And the suspense is brutal.

Why We Are

Fiction Vortex is continually evolving and pushing bravely toward the frontier of digital storytelling. This means that while we are maintaining an annual magazine and ezine for the traditionalists, we are also releasing a torrent of episodic serial fiction from collaborative storyworlds from which authors receive highly competitive royalties (better than on Amazon). We are exploring new distribution and marketing platforms continuously. We won’t be satisfied until you are satisfied. We are authors just like you. This publishing environment has been built around creating a sustainable wage and faithful audience for authors. Join us if you have the chops!

Short Story Submission Guidelines

Art Submission Guidelines

Books for Review Submission Guidelines