Ash Falls: Behind the Scenes

Interview by Savy Hulen. Early in my tumble into the Vortex I became intrigued by the StoryVerses. StoryVerses are an easy extension of things I already love, TV shows that span seasons and years, movies with quality sequels, worlds that span multiple media such as comic books that become TV shows, movies, and the inspiration for endless fan-fiction […]

The Witch’s Reflection by Joe Mankowski

By Joe Mankowski   Eva sat on her bedroom floor. There were strands of hair and clumps of pocket lint rubbed into the purple carpet. Odd foot odors spotted different sections, but Eva slept on it all the same. There was a bed in the corner that was perfectly comfy. A black duvet was bundled […]

Rodolfo’s Pizzeria by Joe Mankowski

by Joe Mankowski   Aaron looked out the front window of Rodolfo’s Pizzeria. He could see the lights to Barry’s Diner across the street turning off. It was late, and in Ash Falls, that meant only the weirdos would be out looking for food. Aaron turned his attention to a clock decorated by tacky, plastic […]


Maelin flew spectacularly through the air, landing in the water. Allen laughed. She glared at him. “That’s not funny.” She growled as she struggled free of the clinging mud. He had tripped her. She knew it. Just like she knew he was the one who kept hiding her stuffed giraffe. Sleeping with a stuffed animal […]

In-mortals, Ep. 1

Prologue CAPRICE LEAPT FROM THE top of the boulder. Daria gasped and caught her daughter. “Baby, you gotta warn me before you jump.” Caprice giggled with pure four-year-old belly laughs, her entire body quivering with each heaving breath. “I’m serious baby…” Caprice ignored her mom, climbed back up the boulder, and jumped again. Ready this […]

Walk in the Shadows

by Jeremy C. Schofield   My sales were done for the day and I was finally able to relax a little, when I saw her coming down Shoreline Drive. I was in my usual M.O., sticking to the shadows, so she wouldn’t have been able to see me until she was only a few feet […]

Phish and Sparks, Ep1

Episode 1: Preacher at Xanadu The living eddies within the sweating glass of red rebyl mimicked the dust storms engulfing the Martian port city of Lachish. Guido Sparks pressed the glass to the scar transecting his cheek for a long breath. Finally he downed the bottom third of the whisky in a single gulp. “Another […]