Richard Billing

Richard Billing


Richie Billing writes fantasy stories and runs a blog he’s coined “The Writer’s Tool Shed” where he shares writing tips and techniques he’s picked up while studying the craft.

  • Books

    Magician, A Storm of Swords, The Dubliners, The Hobbit, Noonshade

  • Film

    Lord of the Rings; For A Few Dollars More; The Good, Bad and the Ugly; The 40-Year-Old Virgin

  • Shows

    The Office (US), Always Sunny, Curb, Time Team

  • Music

    Neil Young, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Led Zep, Focus, Jimi, Tame Impala

  • Games

    Halo, FIFA, Battlefield, Destiny, Football Manager

  • Character

    Tyrion Lannister