Michael Cluff

Michael Cluff

Cofounder, Author, Editor

Michael Cluff is an incessant tinkerer and perfectionist who fills his non-writing time with things like editing, board game design, smoking BBQ, and corporate accountability. (Day job. Don’t ask.) A longtime freelancer and literary magazine editor, Michael is a sucker for classics, fantasy, and light science fiction, but has been on a big YA kick for the last few years. That doesn’t mean he is on the YA bandwagon, though that could be argued.

  • Books

    Red Rising, Watership Down, Tarzan of the Apes, The Far Side

  • Film

    Willow, Interstellar, Sherlock Holmes, The Ghost and The Darkness

  • Shows

    Doctor Who, Daredevil, Inspector Lewis, Wallander

  • Music

    Cinematic, Alternative Bluegrass, Dubstep, Classical

  • Games

    Oh the Humanity, Rummy, The Farming Game

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Episode Four: Skin Crawling

Dark has settled over Brunning. The lives of those closest to Xander are at stake. Spiders have long been the source of his nightmares. Now, along with Marigold, spiders are his only allies in the battle for survival.

Episode Three: Heretic's Hell

To save Brunning, Xander will have to trust those who have kept secrets from him and haunted his dreams. First, he'll have to confront his deepest fears head on.

Episode Two: Spider on Two Legs

At first, Xander can't figure how he survived an encounter with a dozen giant spiders. The answer turns out to be equally terrifying. Now he has to come to grips with his worst fear to save the ones he loves.

Episode One: Unwelcome News

Fifteen years ago, Xander Floros and his family relocated to Erimia to carve the tiny settlement of Brunning out of a barren and hostile desert. Within the first year, giant spiders emerged to terrorize the colonists before Xander's father saved the day. Now the spiders are back.