J.M. Williams

J.M. Williams


Author, Historian, Teacher, Veteran. J.M. Williams is a Fantasy and Science Fiction author who prefers stories centered on strong characters. He has a particular fondness for action. He likes stories that start fast and never lose their momentum. He has several short works published in fantasy magazines and is currently working on his first book which relies on his experience with the short form. His influences derive more from visual media than literature—thus his penchant for action—and include Terry Pratchett, Sam Raimi, Joss Whedon, and the police procedural TV genre.

  • Books

    Discworld, Sword of Truth, Heir to the Empire, Lord of the Rings, Sapiens

  • Film

    Star Wars, Aliens, Lady in the Water, Willow, Black Hawk Down

  • Shows

    Firefly, Black Sails, Hercules/Xena, The Expanse, Vikings

  • Music

    Anything in its place, but most often American Rock and Korean Hiphop

  • Games

    Mass Effect, Deus Ex, Borderlands, Chrono Trigger

  • Character

    Sam Vimes, Ivar the Boneless, Detective Joe Miller