Damien Krsteski

Damien Krsteski


Damien Krsteski writes SF and develops software. His fiction has appeared in NewMyths.com, Flapperhouse, Plasma Frequency, Future Fire, Mad Scientist Journal, and others. Visit him at monochromewish.blogspot.com, or follow his updates @monochromewish.

  • Books

    Greg Egan, Gene Wolfe, Ted Chiang, William Gibson, Ursula K. Le Guin, Kim Stanley Robinson, Kelly Link

  • Film

    Michael Haneke, Paul Thomas Anderson, “Synecdoche, New York,” “Hackers,” “Contact”

  • Shows

    Star Trek: TNG, BSG, Community

  • Music

    Everything from indie rock to metal to electronica

  • Games

    Morrowind, World of Warcraft, Magic: The Gathering

  • Character

    Severian, Yatima

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