Chris Brock

Chris Brock


Chris has finally finished college and is ready to move in with his parents. He spends his afternoons avoiding yardwork by writing fantasy and farcical short stories. He recently published an anti-romantic story with Fantasia Divinity called Cinderella’s Kiss. At the beginning of every project, he aims to write serious fiction with dark and dangerous themes, but by the end he is cracking jokes and writing parody. This time he is serious though; he is definitely writing a serious story with intrigue and themes befitting only the best fantasy stories.

  • Books

    Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammet, Frank Miller, Chaucer, Virgil

  • Film

    The Wild Bunch, The Hateful Eight, Bladerunner

  • Shows

    The Expanse, Legion, Preacher

  • Music

    Cinematic/Epic, Acid/Dubstep, Roots/Swamp Rock

  • Games

    Bioshock, Crusader Kings 2, Dota 2
  • Characters

    Philip Marlowe, The Continental Op, Bosola