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Fiction Vortex

FV Press is home to a growing community of ruffians bent on delivering the stories they wish to tell directly to the audiences wishing to read them via shared StoryVerses™ and serialized plot.

S3 is a community of professional storytellers developing and safeguarding their brand while navigating the shifting seas of publishing via time-tested strategies. S3 is the official gathering of Pirate Authors.

FV Games creates narrative and/or character rich tabletop games.

Great storytelling isn’t only for books and movies!

Build. Plan. Collaborate. StoryShop is the best book, series, and world planning platform in the galaxy. It combines outlining, beat planning, and world-building into a powerful, yet simple to use package.

The golden era of the information dealer has been ushered in via the sudden rise of Big Data. This matters to storytellers because Amazon now makes the rules. This could end up being a VERY BAD THING if Pirate Authors don't defend the trustworthiness of our industry.

One resource for everything you need to know. There is a ton to learn when it comes to being an author. University is a free resource that centralizes everything you need! Courses, blog, forums.

FV Studios currently consists of our SoundCloud account where we have awesome audio drama episodes along with some writing inspiration playlists. Studios will in the future be the home of our podcasts and audio content.

Welcome to the central store for all things Fiction Vortex and StoryShop. Browse through our FV Press stories, books from our S3 speakers, and some fun merchandise. Link out to buy books from your favorite retailers.

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